Title Insurance Policies

This is an extensive search of the property, containing the current owners name, along with any easements, restrictions, covenants, open mortgages, open judgments or anything that currently pertains to or affects the property.

Current Owner Searches

A Current Owner Search, also called a Letter Report or an E & O Report, contains the current owner’s deed information along with any open mortgages or liens, property tax information and open judgments against the current owner.

Real Estate Closings

Whether it be a sale transaction through a Realtor or by private individuals, or a refinance with a lender, we handle every aspect of the closing process. We are knowledgeable on the policies and procedures of both real estate and lending regulations to assure that all the correct documents are executed properly.

Construction Disbursements

While working closely with the lender and contractors involved, we perform various inspections to verify the work being paid for is completed prior to disbursing any funds. Also included in this service is the balancing of the available and disbursed funds.


Abstracts are a compilation of each and every document that has ever affected the property throughout its entire history. Generally included in this search are all documents within the past 30 years and any Patents and Easements found beyond that time frame.